How to Optimize for Mobile Search Engine Optmization

Mobile search engine optimization is important especially when you are doing business that serves local audience.
Millions of people around the globe using mobile phone to access web – and they are most likely to spend their time on website which adopt their screens.
If your website failed to open on mobile you’re already lost lots of visitors. In order to attain them you must have a responsive website as well as do mobile SEO.
What is mobile SEO?
Mobile SEO is process of building a website that makes it easy to view content on different mobile devices as well as desktop. Furthermore, there are several other mobile search engine optimization techniques involves to make content mobile friendly.
In fact, we need to take additional steps while designing a website for mobile devices.
A website will serve on mobile if it has the following attributes.
A perfect mobile website must be responsive – that means it should serve same content on each device it opens whether it is a tablet or a Smartphone.
  • Keep sentences short so it easily gets read on mobiles without zoom the screen.
  • Make sure you are using the font that has good readability, colors and layouts.
  • Design your mobile website in such way where navigation is easy without confusing users. They can find content easily even if they are accessing your website on small screens.
  • Keep buttons large enough so they can easily click with thumb.
A mobile website shouldn’t be heavy as it opens on mobile devices because mobile networks often slow compared to desktop.
Homepage of mobile website is important that’s why make sure you have all important links placed on homepage, so users easily can find them without scrolling too much. No one likes scrolling not even your mobile users.
At the end effectiveness of a mobile website depends how well users are engaging with it.
How to optimize your website for mobile?
Nowadays having a website optimize for search engine is not enough unless it is optimize for mobile devices also. Before you start optimizing your website for mobile devices you must consider followings:
Choose a mobile configuration – This is where you select what types of website you want to make for example – responsive website design, dynamic serving web design, or separate URLs mobile website.
Inform search engines – Make sure Google along with other search engines know about your mobile configuration. Google is smart enough to know if you have mobile website or not as goes with other search engines also – they can find out if your website is mobile website or simple website.
Avoid common mistakes – It is common that we can make mistakes while making mobile website. Some of them are:
  • Slow mobile pages
  • Enabling CSS and JavaScript
  • Too much mobile redirects
  • Heavy images
  • Using pop-ups and plug-ins
While developing a mobile website makes sure you do your homework first so you can avoid mistakes that could happen in future.
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